Only you can rescue Big Barry - your huge robot head pal - from a space theme park that’s been invaded by a tentacled pan-dimensional godbeast.

Explore an alien planet, beat a menagerie of strange baddies and win Loot Cards which give you special abilities. Choosing which to equip requires strategic thinking - the way you lay them out is crucial, and some must be sacrificed because cards are also the precious resources you need to heal and use powerful abilities.

Every game is different in this procedurally generated roguelike: gather Loot Cards, show the Thing Below who’s boss, and fly Big Barry to victory!

Careful though because baddies can loot you! The cards they steal drop into other players’ games. When you defeat an Elite Baddie you’ll get another player’s card: will you return it or keep it for yourself?

Either way, prepare for a visit from that player's Holographic Helper to shower you with thanks or terrible vengeance - Loot Rascals is a tale of friendship, loss, and redemption!

Retrieve other player’s LOOT & SEND IT BACK..
..their HOLOGRAMS will arrive to HELP you!
(or try to KILL you, if you kept their loot!)

“Aesthetically it’s a combination of Katamari Damacy, ToeJam and Earl, and an Adult Swim cartoon, with a distinctly British sense of humor. It’s adorable, odd, and an absolute treat to play.” PC GAMER
“Loot Rascals combines a trippy '70s cartoon aesthetic with an expertly distilled idea of how to collect and manage loot in a quest game.” ARS TECHNICA