Loot Rascals is a tale of friendship, loss and redemption in outer space... It’s a roguelike set on a hostile alien world, where you’ll play as the survivor of a rocket crash, trying to escape this planet...

The game has two main components: First off you are exploring the planet, revealing its hexagonal surface, and fighting a menagerie of strange aliens, monsters and robots. Defeating them will win you Loot Chips - a set of schematic cards from which you get all of your abilities.

Arranging these cards in your HUD to create your character’s build is the second major aspect of the game - much of the strategy comes from deciding which cards to keep - which will determine how you’ll approach the various hostile situations on the planet - and which ones you’ll convert into the precious resources you’ll need to heal up and fight your way to freedom.

But that wouldn't make a decent tale of friendship, loss and redemption would it now?

When you die in Loot Rascals, you will be looted by the enemies! And when that happens, the cards they steal are beamed up and will drop into someone else’s game. Defeating strong enemies will get you a card belonging to someone else - which was looted from them earlier by that baddie. Baddies only steal the best loot chips so you will be faced with a choice to keep it for yourself or send it back to the player who lost it.

That choice however will have big consequences. Every player in Loot Rascals has a Holographic Agent - a computer controlled copy of themselves who can visit other people’s games. If you decide to hang on to another player’s card, you may find yourself faced with their angry Hologram, trying to kill and loot you. Or, if you did right by them, and sent back their card, perhaps their Hologram will turn up to help you for a while…

Loot Rascals will be available on Playstation 4 & PC in early 2017.


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  • "Visually translating the roguelike experience into something decipherable without becoming dull, simplistic or patronizing, the kooky space odyssey with looting-centric combat should reel in new fans and delight current roguelike rogues alike."
    - 17 Games We Want To Play in 2017 Motherboard
  • "Imagine Dark Souls crossed with Nuclear Throne but in a visual universe inspired by a cool new Cartoon Network animation."
    - The 42 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2017 The Guardian
  • "This roguelike turn-based strategy game ramps up the charm, as players explore a hex-world, battling enemies and collecting cards. "
    - The Games Of 2017 Polygon
  • "It looks joyfully straightforward to get to grips with plus the setting is upbeat and daft."
    - The PC Games of 2017 Mega-Preview Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "It's got a phenomenal sense of style, and the turn-based combat mixed with free movement made it feel unique in the roguelike space."
    - Tom Marks PC Gamer
  • "Loot Rascals is really like nothing else, and its commitment to both its bonkers vibe and its unique gameplay make it one to look for next year."
    - Anna Washenko Games Radar
  • "Aesthetically, it’s a combination of Katamari Damacy, ToeJam and Earl, and an Adult Swim cartoon, with a distinctly British sense of humor. It’s adorable, odd, and an absolute treat to play."
    - PC Gamer
  • "Even at this early stage, the results of all these systems is a pacy, addictive spin on the Roguleike genre, and one that feels every bit as accommodating as Hohokum"
    - EDGE Magazine
  • "Loot Rascals combines a trippy '70s cartoon aesthetic with an expertly distilled idea of how to collect and manage loot in a quest game."
    - Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica
  • "I do love me a good roguelike but I'm getting a little bored of the grimdark aesthetic so many of them stick to. Hopefully Loot Rascals will shake that up a little..."
    - Julian Benson, Kotaku
  • "It turned out to be a card-collecting strategy roguelike game. That isn't something I'd normally be all that jazzed about, but I ended up having a good time fighting funky aliens and robots."
    - Jordan Devore, Destructoid
  • "Hollow Ponds has always been known for its bright, colorful visuals, and Loot Rascals is no exception."
    - Gabe Gurwin, Digital Trends
  • "Sporting one of the more vibrant color-palettes and some cute-looking animation, this is one game that would be hard to overlook. If you're a fan of roguelike games and have been looking for the next one that will suck away all your free time, look no further than Loot Rascals."
    - Ben Horn, Electric Sistahood
  • "Playthroughs are short, but with so many cards to collect and use, it seems that this will be a game that beckons you to play “just one more round” before turning off your console."
    - Paul Michael Contreras, Playstation Lifestyle
  • "The details in the visual design all combine together to make for one of the most charming titles I saw at E3 2016."
    - Michael Cwick, PS Nation
  • "Underneath a gorgeous exterior and enjoyable, accessible gameplay, Loot Rascals has the ability to become quite devious."
    - Dalibor Dimovski, Side Questing
  • "Echoing games like Diablo III and Dark Souls, this inspired approach to online play adds a genuinely fresh dynamic to the core single-player experience..."
    - Alex Avard, App Trigger

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